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I often have deposits 6 to 12 months in advance. and 6 months is the average wait for a male- 4 months for a female. Since I am one of the very few breeders with old fashioned shepherds who OFA's Hips & elbows, and tests parent dogs free of DM (degenerative Mylopythy) and also guarantee temper I feel these dogs are worth the wait :)This page shows current reservations and spots still open. I reserve 3 spots for males and 3 for females in each litter. If more happens to be born people can move up if less are born I give you a call and you are placed on another litter- often even after bred some of these litters will not take or will not have puppies.that must always be kept in mind.

See Upcoming Litters page for litters I am planning

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This vet says it all on spay or neuter he offers all the studies and proof that we are killing are beloved animals with spay or neuter before a year of age

see his web sight


Jerky treats killing dogs still no recall by the company vet universities confirm

Are you buying a puppy? Please, please subscribe to these FREE on line mailers!!! The updates above are weekly on foods and supplements in the dog industry, companies will often not recall because it is voluntary seldom does the government step in .Hundreds of dogs die daily because of the hush hush in these companies. A breeder knows, as all their dogs get sick, but when you take a single dog in for kidney/liver failure its just that.. they never connect it to the food, but much the time it is what you are putting into your dog!


why do you need these publications? 2010 recalls- and these are just the voluntary ones

Tick disease explosion.

Ticks transmit a large number of diseases including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, relapsing fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and tick paralysis. Only three can be tested for...Rapid kill or prevention of attachment and feeding is important in the prevention of tick transmitted diseases. Research is needed to determine exact transmission times of the various diseases from ticks however, killing ticks within 24-48 hours is generally stated for preventing disease transmission. Remember most spot ons- take 48 hours to kill a tick often longer! spotons do not prevent these diseases in total .. These are very hard to treat and are often life long struggles for your dog.



http://www.dogsandticks.com/NA-map-lyme-disease-dogs/ maps of the us where it is very prevelent..

explosian of tick disease...NO cure for most of them 18 % of dogs now carry at least one tick disease.

Note: Many dogs do not test positive untill disease if very progressed or not at all.. give 30 days antibiotics regardless of test results! Breeders Know often just a few dogs test positives but all the dogs have symtoms! Also tests only for three of the 7 known diseases.




Would you vaccinate your child with the exact same vaccine every year of his/her life? Hmmm it's all about the money see below


I vaccinate once every three years after puppy immunity shots have done this for 10+ years now. I do not use spot on's or chemical insecticides on adults or puppies this is the main reason I have so many dogs in the 13 club! long life starts with eliminating insecticide use.




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